Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Cowboy Cadillac" Accessories

Bohlin Mounted Longhorns.  Elegant at 72” across with 7” engraved caps on each horn. 21” w, 4” h center completely covered in matching Bohlin floral engraving. Sold 2,750.00

Bohlin Seat-Back Gun Rigs And Saddlebag.  Adorned with sterling hexagon conchos, the floral carved, leather mounted rigs each measure 21” across and include a single skeleton holster with a 5 1/2” colt SA Ser #139175, 283773(?). Each with rose gold longhorns and gold initials AM plus 32 silver bullets. Guns are non-operational. Plaque on each states Designed and Made by Edward H Bohlin, measures 2 1/2” x 1/2”. Hung on the back of each front seat; Single saddlebag, 10” square with a pair of 3-piece, half-inch Bohlin-marked buckle sets.   Sold 10,000.00

Bohlin Mounted Winchesters.  Model 1894, fully overlaid and engraved. Sterling silver stock cover, buttstock and forend. Gold AM on both sides. Mounting holes, Ser #335835; b) Model 1894, one side is fully engraved, offside is partially engraved. AM one side only; c) Model 1873. Full coverage engraving on one side, partially engraved on the off-side. AM on one side.   Sold 4,000.00

Bohlin Car Accessories.  28” round continental kit cover with a three dimensional sterling rider (12” x 11”) atop a Bohlin Hexagon saddle on a brass (?) horse with two Bohlin silver seat plates designed exclusively by Edward H Bohlin; b) Carved leather steering wheel (half) cover; c) Bohlin engraved gas pedal; d) Bohlin engraved brake pedal; e) Frontier model Derringer (Ser #351, non-operational) with silver Bohlin grips and gold initials AM on both sides; f) Bohlin emergency brake cover; g) Three white leather tonneau covers autographed by Elvis Presley (twice) Debbie Reynolds, Guy Madison, Rex Allen Roy Rogers & Trigger, Bob Taylor, Ben Johnson, Tex Williams, Monte Hale, Andy Devine, Audie Murphy, Dale Robertson, and more; h) Misc Chrome auto parts and mountings.   Sold 2,000.00

Three Single Actions With Bohlin Grips.   4 3/4 Ser #149937, AM one side; c) 5 1/2” 31564 SA, AM one side; d) 31242 SA, AM one side.  Sold 2,500.00

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