Friday, February 15, 2013

Cirque Pinder 1951

Group 3 tigers (1 male and 2 females) and 2 Panthers (males) presented by the trainer black Dumba.  Group presented by the trainer Tirana in 1952. Group presented by the trainer Belia in 1953-1954 and the beginning of the tour 1955. Group presented by the trainer Jack Rex in 1955. (1 tiger, four tigress, panthers two males - one is new in the group)

'The "turnover" of presenter's back in the day was incredible.   I would like to think the practice stopped because the industry realized it wasn't good for the mental health of the animals, but I have to think it only stopped when there were not as many trainers/presenter's left anymore.............'

Group of 6 lions tamer Jack Pessardy. ( 7 lions in 1953, 6 in 1955)

" A "knock" on the circus animal training industry is that the act's never change.  If the same props/equipment are used over and over again, year after year, what other option's are there except to train new animals to do the same thing, over and over again, year after year...............'


Philip Astley said...

I have been away in the Far East. Hence my late comment. I saw the tigers and leopard act from Pinder when it came to the UK for a TV show. It was then presented by Franz Trubke who got clawed in the head when the tiger jumped over him. It was all very dramatic on live TV. The act was taken over at one stage by Bella Roucka. He later replaced Alex Kerr on Betram Mills, who wasn't the greatest of trainers. More to the point, where did you find these pictures. I need to copy them.

Wade G. Burck said...

Glad you are back,and I am assuming the trip was fruitful. I need your email, as I lost it when my aol was hacked. Please send it to and I will forward any photo's you want. Nice to have your vast knowledge educating us. Did you just want these two photo's?

Be safe,