Wednesday, December 26, 2012

William Cavandish, The Duke of Newcastle 1737


William Cavendish on horseback and performing a dressage movement 'Demy-air parle Droite', the Duke holding a whip in his right hand with Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire in the background.

William Cavendish on horseback at one of his English estates, a whip aloft in his right hand, demonstrating a dressage movement 'the perfect still position', his groom Mr Housley standing at right.

One of Cavendish's Spanish Andalusian horses held by a groom in the grounds of Welbeck in Nottinghamshire.

'One of the main things that has always intrigued me about this set of engravings is that in addition to the Duke, they also depict his assistant's and groom's, as well as their names, indicating to me they were an important and integral part of the Duke's life and the horse's he trained(except the black groom depicted below.  He wasn't named.  Oversight or sign of the times?)   Different from a lot of the "me, me" people/Generals/Kings depicted through out history.'

One of Cavendish's Barbs held by a black groom in the grounds of Welbeck in Nottinghamshire.


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