Friday, December 7, 2012

Vintage Franklin Park Zoo--1955

Walter Martin Elephant Keeper

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Ryan Easley said...

These two elephants, along with a third, highly interest me. Per Richard Reynolds, Franklin Park Zoo sold three elephants to Carson & Barnes Circus on January 31, 1973. I have not been able to find out anything about these animals following their sale. I asked Barbara Byrd about them yesterday and she did not know either.

I found that Park Commissioner Frank R. Kelley bought Babe and Minnie, both 2 years old, in 1953. These would be the two seen here. In 1955, the herd consisted of:

Babe & Minnie, both 4 years old
Topsy, over 60, & Mary, early 20s, both gifted by Frank Buck
Jenney, purchased from Barnes Circus

By 1960, the zoo was down to their three youngest elephants.

Barbara Byrd said the Minnie still with Carson & Barnes today is the original Minnie imported in 1955, NOT the zoo Minnie.

Does anyone know what became of these three animals ???