Friday, November 2, 2012

Ghost Zoo--Thompson Park Zoo Watertown, N. Y.

The most ignorant thing you can do, next to petting one, is to teach a young feline to grab at things outside it's enclosure.  This nitwit has even gone to far as to teach it to stand on it's hind leg's, going over the top of the "safety" screen to snatch at any head/hat that happens to walk by.   I caught one of my young assistant's sticking his hand in the cage the other day to pet one of the tigers on the foot, after being instructed not to.  I asked him, "in the 6 months that you have worked with me, have you ever, ever seen me put my hand in one of the cages, and pets on of the tigers?  When he replied, "no", I asked, "why do you think that is?  Take you time, and think about it." 

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