Thursday, November 29, 2012

Animal rights activists accused of 'murdering' dolphins with heroin substance

 Roby Gasser  1988-1989 Big Apple Circus

Animal rights activists have been accused of murdering two dolphins with a heroin substitute to close a zoo down.

The Sun reports how the male dolphins at Connyland park in Lipperswil, Switzerland suffered slow, agonising deaths during a weekend rave festival hosted by the zoo last year.

Officials believe that clubbers fed the marine animals lethal doses of buprenorphine, a party drug also used by doctors for pain relief and opiate addiction.

The drug suppressed the animals' natural instinct to rise to the surface to breathe, killing them.

Now director of Connyland, Roby Gasser, has accused two unnamed former keepers of deliberately poisoning the dolphins to stop the zoo's captive breeding programme.

According to The Sun,  Gasser claims they deliberately sacrificed the dolphins to get the marine park to shut down.

'The Swiss law for the protection of animals no longer allows us to import this species,' he said.

'And the females cannot reproduce without males.'

He claims the dolphins were given the drug wrapped in their favourite fish snacks and told local media the former keepers were 'the only people who would have known what they like to eat.'

'These people have changed camps. Now they're working for German animal protection organisations,' he added.

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