Friday, October 5, 2012

There Are Good And Bad In Every Profession, Whether It Be Doctors, Lawyers, Animal Trainers or Rejoneadors!


The quality of the animals used from the horse ridden to the bull fought to seats filled is obviously different from the "Big Guns" like Diego Ventura, Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza, etc.  What happened here?  Simply, if you look closely at 1:41, the horse indecisively froze for just a second, giving the bull it's opportunity.  How much of that was "human error" and how much was "horse error"  is speculative.  It appears to me, with many better bred horses that we see the "Big Guns" riding that their horses possess what is called in the cutting industry "cow",  or an instinctive aggression towards bovine.  If you watch Pablo Hemoso's horse's, it seem's he gives the "go" command and then every thing is left up to the horse.  Either move in or break away if the bull doesn't set right.  In the video above somebody, either the horse or the rider, couldn't make up their mind, and that split second of "oh, shit" put them on the ground.  That conflict of "asking/refusing" is a daily occurrence between man and animal if you are an animal trainer.

This is just plain sad.  He completely misjudged the bull.  The bull was not a good bull, and refused to fight, so in fairness to this "rejoneador" we have to consider that.  Indecisive/timid bulls are the most dangerous and most difficult to deal with, as are all indecisive/timid animals.  At 3:02 he completely disregards the bull, thinking it is going to do nothing, given it's prior behavior, and allows himself and his mount to be ambushed.   He runs one direction, the horse run's the other.  Hell of a partnership those two have developed!!!!!  I am reminded of the Conway Twitty song, DON'T CALL HIM A COWBOY

"Don't call him a cowboy
Until you've seen him ride
Cause a Stetson hat and those fancy boots
Don't tell ya what's inside. no.
And if he ain't good in the saddle
Lord, you won't be satisfied
So don't call him a cowboy
Until you've seen him ride"

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