Monday, October 29, 2012

Livingston Park Zoo Elephant

A common sight in zoo's years ago, was elephants standing on the edge of their exhibit begging for treats.   The "patch" by zoologists and zoo professionals was that it provided occupational therapy/something to do for the animals.  Maybe, but it sure isn't a pretty sight, and bears begging for food is no less of a pretty sight.


Dennis said...

At the Chiang Mai night safari 3 elephants make up one of the exibits. The tractor/tram stops in front (moat separates) and one of the three does a little routine.
Ends with a bow. For the life of me I could not see anyone giving sight cues. Perhaps out of my hearing someone was giving oral commands. Very effective in any case.

Ryan Easley said...


The Livingston Park Zoo later became the Jackson Zoo in Mississippi. From different sources I have found they acquired an elephant around 1958. She stayed there until 1977 when Rex Williams supposedly acquired her. Any ideas what this elephant was renamed by Rex? I have no idea where he got Sue from.

A side note about this Dale; Ringling had a Dale that was sold to Charles Garvin around the same time frame. I wonder if she ended up in Jackson. So many of the Garvin elephants disappeared from sight after their purchase.