Monday, October 8, 2012

Henry Vilas Park Zoo 1964

This original watercolor painting by Jens Von Sivers, was presented to the zoo by the Rennebohm Drug Stores. The painting was published in 1964 by the Henry Vilas Park Zoological Society. The zoo is very popular and well attended each year. What child doesn't love feeding the animals!

"What child doesn't love feeding the animals!"  That is a good question.  But in our world "I don't like it, so neither can you" it doesn't really matter does it?


Paul M. Van Dort said...

Sorry for this unconventional way of contacting you.
I would like to talk to you about Ruth Mix and Hamid's Circus at the 1939 NY World's Fair. You can reach me at:
Thank you.

Wade G. Burck said...

I would be interested in learning more about Ruth Mix. Not much is known of her. My email is That Trivia is a great looking animal, by the way.


john herriott said...

Sad to say that this elephant named Winkie killed a child that got too close to the fence and was traded to Morgan Berry from the Portland zoo for a baby, named Winkie 2. The old Winkiee became on of the mothers of babies sired by Thonlaw.