Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Charlie Franks

In 1988, Huell Howser attended a touching reunion between Charlie Franks, an 80-year-old elephant trainer, and Nita, the elephant he had raised from a baby of five years. When Charlie retired in the early 1970s after traveling the world with his beloved performing elephant, he donated her to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and hadn't seen her for 15 years.

Charlie passed away shortly after the segment. Nita died in 2009 at the age of 60. The video remains as a tribute.

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GaryHill said...

Wow, I visited the remaining elephants at Great Adventure in 2010. I hadnt seen them since 78. I actually called them up by name to me when the hosts there allowed me to get close to them..damned company policies, but I was moved that they seemed to acknowledge me somewhat..there was only 8 left out of 28 and Radar actually texted me last week or so and said the male Rip had expired?