Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Rescue Operations"

The old adage, "more money then good sense" surely comes to mind.  It's amazing how supposedly intelligent people can be conned out of their funds.  

ADI are making an action movie now of their "circus rescue" operation in Bolivia. It shows footage of Jan Creamer and her friends behind the scenes. Note how in the video trailer she says ..... "we do whatever it takes to get the evidence"! (well WE know that, but does the public or the donors??)
Lion Ark: Home

An undercover investigation by Animal Defenders International led to a ban on animal circuses in Bol...
Courtesy of Jim Stockley
Click on the link "emails" below and then the two links detailing how a "rescue" is staged.

Big Cat Rescue Sets Up Fake Rescue with Jack Hannah for Monetary Gain

Read the e-mails between Carole Baskin, Hannah Filming and associated employees.

   Setting up fake rescues with Big Cat Rescue in order to make tv shows and get air time on tv. Original emails

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