Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Elephant Team

The USDA and HSUS working together to deter horse shows. It has been reported that the attendance of competitors was the lowest in history for this event. They are rearing their ugly heads in other aspects of animal performing, not just circus anymore.
Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration opens with intense scrutiny | The Tennessean |
The Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration opened this morning.

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    • Wade Burck Cindi, fact is the USDA and various other 'humane' groups have been hammering the Tennessee Walking Horse Association since the mid-1950'a long before they became involved with the circus. Each time new rules and regulations are written some nitwit finds a way around them or does their real training under the cover of darkness(sound familiar?) That is why the breed is still in trouble. The association has been greatly reduced in number for years, and is actually more of a "regional" breed around Tennessee.
      23 hours ago ·
    • Wade Burck Note also the the new testing methods are sponsored by the Walking Horse Association, infractions posted for the world to see. Horse associations, including Arabians are for the most part policed by the members of the actual association. A few years ago one of the best most well known Arabian halter trainers was suspended for 5 years for a rule infraction. "In house policing" not defending and covering up is what has help most all animal industries advance and stay out of the scrutiny of the USDA.
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    • Wade Burck Here is the video: that caused the suspension of a Walking Horse trainer recently. As of yet there has been no outcry of "foul" we are getting picked on and the tape was jury rigged. Take a look at the video where a noted veterinarian states that the trainers association suspended the member and does not condone what was done on the tape. Note a hot shot used at the end of the clip, which let to the suspension, not defending, of the isolated trainer. This is how an industry "cleans itself up" and advances. Barring the bad and continuing. It has been proven that given time and patience the "big lick" can be trained and developed in the horse. That is why the trainers association suspends folks, not protects or defends, who practice the antiquated "soreing."
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    • Wade Burck By the way Jackie McConnell has pleaded guilty to a charge of cruelty to animals and has been banned for life from the most important horse show for the breed, the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration. See how you clean up an animal industry, Cindi. No covering up, no condoning, no protecting the guilty. You did it, you are out. Pretty simple. It's the thought of many, a little less pity party, and a lot more action would go a long way to validating our industry.
      'This is the second time I have addressed members of the Elephant Team, hoping to get some input or answers."  The first time was when I asked how do we address the multitude of incriminating tape's that are out there for the American public to view.  No response.  May be something can be learned from the Tennessee Walking Horse Association?"

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