Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rejoneadors Horse

Diego Ventura  2007

The world of animals and animal training is not perfect.  But on the rare day when everything is clicking, it is the most incredible existence in the world.  But when it is a bad day, it is as bad as you would ever want to experience.  With the exception of the horse refusing to bow, Diego Ventura had one of those rare perfect day's in 2007.

In 2012 Diego Ventura had one of the more frequent bad days.............

Even the greatest have a bad day.  Watch at  1:04 when the greatest today, Pablo Hermosa de Mendoza augers in, and eats dirt.  The more you push the envelope, the more you risk and dare, the more you are going to do down.  Noelia Mota had a good day, getting a kiss from Pablo, but a really bad day two years earlier, clip below. 

Don't ever question a torero's courage.

"One want's to fight and one doesn't want to fight.  That is the difference."  Really, which one in particular doesn't want to fight?


Dennis said...

This is a first for me. Is this common? What inspires the horse to do this?

Wade G. Burck said...

Not inspired, motivated. Motivated by training, like any animal is. Some horses possess a natural aggressiveness towards bovine, which had been bred into them for centuries. It makes training much easier. In cutting horses it is known as "having cow" or being "cowy." The rest is many years of training resulting in the perfection seen in the ring. Rejoneadors have been around almost as long as matadors. Many matador's become great rejoneadors. One of the best of recent times was Carlos Arruza. He was matador, a rejoneador, and upon retirement a breeder of some of the greatest fighting bulls in Mexico. A true hat trick hombre.


Jim Zajicek said...

Nice avatar..Hat really goes w/ the glasses..Cutting edge of style...


Wade G. Burck said...

If you saw the post on the "history channel" you know why I had to change my profile picture. Watch your back pal, they are not looking for me anymore. :)