Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inquiring MInd

Fresh hay, carrots, cooling fans when need, timely manure removal.

The media is going ga-ga over the care of the Olympic horses; the circus provides the exact same conditions and gets criticized.

I wonder if The Queen's granddaughter's participation in Olympic Equine events had anything to do with the apparent disappearance of the animal rights fanatics media stunts. Just wondering.
" Wasn't aware that the circus had much problem with it's horse's, activist wise, if all is to regulation.  Did I miss something?  The Queen's granddaughter or the Queen herself wouldn't matter.  They(the activist's) are not there, because there is nothing there.  If there was, you could bet they would be saddled and ready to ride at midnight.  If there had been, I assure you the Olympic Equine event's and FEI would have addressed it long before a gun needed to be held to their head.  Realizing a problem and addressing it quickly, before you are forced to, goes a long way in validating you, as well as your mission."

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