Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Elephant Runs Amok(Technically Not A Run Away As He Is Still Within Sight)


An elephant ran amok in Thrissur city on Saturday, injuring its mahouts and causing panic for around three hours.

The elephant, Vadakkunnathan Krishnan, turned violent at Kottappuram around 11-45 a.m. while it was taken back from a ceremony called ‘Anayoottu' held at Sree Vadakkunatha Temple in the heart of the city in which 49 elephants were fed.
After running a few kilometres through the city roads, the elephant trundled along the rail track from Kottappuram to the Thrissur railway station.

Cars damaged
As it entered a parking lot near the second entrance of the railway station, panic-stricken passengers ran helter-skelter. The animal damaged a few cars and motorbikes parked at the entrance.
The elephant later entered a compound near the railway station.
It was shot using a tranquiliser gun and brought under control after a while.
In a similar incident at Guruvayur on Saturday, an elephant named Krishna kept at Guruvayur Devaswom's Anakotta (elephant sanctuary) attacked another called Ramu.
According to Devasom sources, Krishna was in musth. The elephant was given a tranquilliser shot and brought under control.

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