Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chester Asakak Seveck


Chester Sevick  Mayor of Kotzebue, Alaska , 1973

Alaskool: Longest Reindeer Herder by Chester Asakak Seveck

I acquired a copy of "Longest Reindeer Herder" when I was in high school.  I still have it and there is a lot to be learned about animal behavior.  The 16 year old school girl, below, for Calif. would be advised to pick up a copy.  It might validate her "expertise in captive animal behavior" a bit.   A remarkable book, written by a remarkable man, Chester Asakak Seveck.  All but forgotten today, unless you realize it is his likeness on the tail of all Alaska Airline plane's.

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Bruce the Clown said...

My brother once asked me if I knew the difference between reindeer and caribou. Taken completely by the seriousness of his question, I replied that, indeed, I did not.
"Caribou," he answered, "cannot fly."