Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Accident And Accident Not

For folks to have a better understanding of what an animal "accident" is,  the above clip is an accident.  The below clip is not an animal accident, it is a premeditated event with an intent.

This is the best explanation of what happened.  Do you suppose decades of working with these animals is what gave them more insight then a newsreporter, spectator, or animal rights activist?


Jim A. said...

I know it wasn't your label but that title about Dawn wasn't her or Tilikum. There are a few videos of whales going after trainers, not hard to find one. Easiest way to see it's not Tili, his dorsal flips over.

Right on about Thad as an expert on what went on. He's been on TV in Orlando several times. Each time he's logical, honest, and isn't sugar-coating training or throwing anyone under the bus.

Wade G. Burck said...

I realized that about the clip, but only as it was explained in the comments. I chose it because it was a brilliant example of what an "accident" wasn't.
Some can come off so precise and knowledgeable, while others come off as goofs making it up as they go. I think a "Thad" does such a great job because they tell it as it is, letting the chips fall as they may. A lot easier and more convincing then wondering in the back of your mind who you are offending or how you are going to say something so it is not misunderstood.