Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have had this un-date photo in my files for quite sometime, trying to decide exactly what it is.  Is it a black bear exhibit or bears raiding a building?  The pool in the foreground is obviously manmade.  The structure appears to be concrete with the side additions wood.  Really puzzling are the wood burning stove doors on the front of the structure and at the top right side.  Was that how the bears were heated, if this is indeed a bear exhibit?  Note the shovels on the left as well as the garbage cans on the top, as well as the three wooden shelves, or boxes, or what ever they are on the front and side.  Are those gold panning boxes?  Are these all "exhibit enhancements?"  I can't image the bears leaving them alone if that is the case.  Any idea's or thoughts on the location where this photo was taken?  Zoo exhibit or raiding party?

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Wade G. Burck said...

Hi Wade,

I'm told that your bear photo looks like it was taken at a hunting lodge....maybe in upper Michigan....and probably only a few minutes after the bears got there.

The bears hadn't yet trashed the garbage cans or shovels etc....so it looks like that photo was taken by hunters returning to their camp.

Incinerators were used to burn garbage & for heat...and one was for cooking.

Adobe style blocks were made with a portable block-maker box.
There was usually a kitchen inside that area too...to keep it safe from bears.

Angled doors are stronger to handle weight of the blocks above doors in that type of structure.

Skids were used to haul their big game carcasses back to the lodge....so are probably standing up to dry out after cleaning.

The pool was perhaps a rain-water bathtub/pool for the hunters.

Usually one side had a dining area / lodge room.
The other side had bunks.

It MIGHT say Omaha on the sign...so maybe it's in Nebraska...if those type of trees exist there.

You could usually only reach those type of hunting camps on horseback or by helicopter.

Hope that solves your puzzle...:)