Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ringling Bros. 1954

I need help from some of you dusty, old fart's in identifying these folks.  I was born in 1954, so I don't really have a clue.


Anonymous said...

Dear Wade,
In response to your request for some "dusty, old fart" to assist in identifying people in the 1954 Ringling images, I hereby respectfully submit my credentials. I was born in 1948. When the Ringling show played my hometown of Sandusky, Ohio on Aug. 6, 1954 by mother was able to lead me by the hand to see the show while you were probably still figuring out how to mess your diapers! (not sure of your birthday). lol or jk as my daughter would say.

Wade, the images are fantastic! I have been studying the '54 show for years and I will provide whatever info I can. Any more where these came from??

Rick Faber

Anonymous said...

These two shots are from the spec "Dreamland". The float with the elephants playing drums was the payoff float. The lady about to step off is Ann Mace, a Ringling showgirl. The Old King Cole float was also part of the Dreamland spec. I believe the person putting on the funny head in the middle of the float may have been Dieter Tasso, the famous juggler.
Rick Faber

Wade G. Burck said...

You are what I was requesting. It doesn't get much dustier then that, except for John Herriott. :) On Aug. 6, 1954 I was still floating in amniotic fluid, sucking on my umbilical cord. It was another month and 10 day's before I made my grand entrance on Sept. 16, 1954.
I will look for more '54' photo's. I have so much 'stuff' saved on my computer, it is unbelievable. I am in the process of trying to clean some of it out, and have even been posting stuff on that goofy ass facebook, in an effort to get rid of it.
Rick, you sent me some pictures of GGW and Sigrid a while back on my aol account, and I am having trouble with it at the moment. Could you resend them to my yahoo account, which is wadeburck@yahoo.com

Wade Burck