Sunday, July 15, 2012


For you members of the human race, or mankind if you will, who are still cheering and applauding the death of Paquirri, as being "deserved", "serves him right", "got what he had coming", know that Paquirri had a wife, children and a family, not unlike you, I, and most of the world.   But Paquirri had one thing you will never have, something you can only imagine at, something that set him apart from you, and placed him on a different planet, far, far out of your reach.  Don't resent and hate him for that superiority.
Paquirri was first married to Carmen Ordonez, with whom he had two sons, Cayetano Rivera Ordonez and Francisco Rivera Ordonez.  Both these sons are matadors and form part of the Ordonez family bullfighting dynasty(your family dynasty is no more or no less important then Paquirri's, John Milton)   After divorcing Ordóñez, he married the famous Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja, with whom he had a son named Francisco José Rivera Pantoja.

The Circus "NO SPIN ZONE": The Ordonez Brothers--Son's of the Great Paquirri

Watch closely starting at 1:38 when Paquirri walks the bull across the ring, as nonchalantly as someone walking their dog in the park, without a leash or lead rope, only capeing it from point A to point B.  Most great Torero's have/had more knowledge of animal behavior/animal movement in their little finger, then a lot of "trainers" in my profession will ever have in a lifetime.  Fact 

As Paquirri lay's dying he is reassuring the Doctor's to be calm, they have done all that they can do.  You hater's can only hope to breath some of the rarefied air of a Paquirri, as you walk through your timid world of safety.  Paquirri was gored by a bull named "Avispado" (Spanish for smart or especially aware) during a bullfight in Pozoblanco, and died while he was being transported to Córdoba Hospital.  Mankind still know's the name of the bull who killed Paquirri.   That is about as great of an honor as even a human being can expect. 

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Anonymous said...

hi, nice site.
and nice words.
Paquirri was a relative of mine, cousin twice removed.
and yes i agree a lot with anti brigade but i also appreciate the bravery of both fighter and bull.
the artistry and skill of the whole endeavour, regardless of the right or wrong.