Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Elephant Nonsense, Written Because It Is What People Want To Hear.

Say's they "touch" the bones with their hind feet.   Anyone seen elephants do the same thing with logs, rocks, wheelbarrow's, baby elephants etc. etc.?  Shoot, even a pile of shit.  Everything about how the elephants are breathing proves that point.  How are they breathing different?

"Reaction to the remains of their own kind?"  How is the reaction different from the remains of a rhino below?  "They do not behave this way towards the bones of other animals?"  Touching the bones with the hind feet, this nitwit interprets as "attempt to bury."  "Concentrate on the skull in an attempt at recognition."  Do you suppose they knew it was "Emily" as they know the name of the rhino below?  This is the type of person who interprets a volcano eruption as "angry gods." 

How do their actions "suggest they are deeply moved?"  How are their action's any different for a horse or any other animal coming upon an "object" on the ground?   Put a bag of lawn leaves out in the pasture and watch the reaction to it.  Not much different then these elephant's to a "bag of bones,"  once the initial fear is gone.  "Ceremoniously touching the bones!!!!"  Geez, they are sticking them in their mouth.  Cow react the same way to a dead cow in the pasture, only they don't put the bones in their mouth.  Remember the old Walt Disney movies, like Old Yeller, where the animals were trained to do a certain thing and a script was written around what they were doing.  It was even suggested that they were talking, and thinking out loud.  That is exactly what is being done today.  Only strangely, it is adult's buying into it and not children who bought into Old Yeller.


"Bella's in doggy heaven!!"  "Before caregivers discovered Bella's body, THEY BELIEVE IT WAS DISCOVERED FIRST BY TARA AND CARRIED TO THE BARN,"  when you are writing spin that's another way of saying we are making this shit up as we go along.  "The idea that she couldn't leave that body, and had to bring it back home, is just heartbreaking!!!!!"   You don't know that, you "believe" that is what happened!!!!!!  More shit to fit the script,  Old Yeller!!!!  "They can tell Bella is still in her heart and in her mind!!!"  How, how can they tell that?  Or are they interpreting nothing in a way that they want to?  Just insane the pablum adult's are gulping down by the spoonful.  Read the comments to the clip if you don't think mankind is sucking air from a gaping chest wound!!!!!!

Whoops, elephants are only supposed to react this way with bones of dead elephants.  Not a single comment.  Perhaps if it is ignored it will go away, right?  Geez, can you believe it, it's Ralph.  Ralph?  I was just talking to him last month.  He owed me a yard, how am I going to get it back now?  First Emily, now Ralph.  Next thing you know, Bella's going to be gone......

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