Monday, July 9, 2012

John Illig 1990

This was one of Jim Clubb's Kodiak/Grizzly cross's.  Eloise Berchtold had a couple in her mixed act that were quite beautiful.   The were a golden cremelo/palomino color.  This animal looks darker, more a Kodiak color, but it is hard to tell.  The National Zoo in Washington had Kodiak/Grizzly cross bears on display at the zoo for a number of years.  It is an "occurrence" that has happened in the wild.  Oddly, I have never heard of liger, tiglon's in the wild in the Gir Forest.  Has anybody heard about lion/tiger cross's in the wild?


Bob Cline said...

You might know that John is a Jungle Larry alumni from Sandusky, Ohio. He's working the 8 lion act of Mr. Clubb's in Japan with Donnie Carr's daughter Andrea.

Philip Astley said...

These bears were exceptionally big specimens. They showed more Kodiak characteristics than grizzly bear. The one pictured is Barney and was the better of the two. When they stood on their hind legs they were nearly 10 feet tall, nearly as big as our biggest male polar bear. However, they were dangerous to handle.

By the way, John is currently working four brown lions and four white lions. He has two more brown ones that are out of the act at present, but will be going back in soon. John works this act on his own. Andrea presents the zebras and giraffe.

Jim Clubb