Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America


Memorial Day and July 4th are two very emotional day's for me.  This year they are particularly bad because I have to remember them in another country.  I grew up in what is called "the Vietnam Era."  I am still sickened to this day, recalling how our military was treated when the one's that could, returned home.   As if that memory is not bad enough, I now get to recall George W. Bush, the President of a free nation, dressing up in a flight suit, like he was as some kind of costume ball, and landing on the deck of a battleship, to declare victory, two day's after the current war started, which is still being fought 9 years later.  That man had no fucking right to dishonor the American military with that kind of spectacle, and should have been impeached at that moment.  I voted for him, and I will have to live with that the rest of my life.  I have not voted since, because apparently, I don't know how.................

2003 Mission Accomplished speech - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"All the men, who couldn't fight, in a war that didn't seem right, you let them come home, America"


Anonymous said...

Wade, you're correct. I voted for President Bush twice, and I have now vowed never to vote again. No matter who is running, we only get to decide who the next corporate puppet will be. In my opinion, the last real president was Ronald Regan.
The great tragedy is the young men who believed they were/are fighting and dying for us. In a way they are, because we are a war economy, and since war industry is the last thing we have, their contribution is to keep those industries cranking out boots, ammo, MREs. Hell, the military uses a half million rolls of toilet paper a day.
It is impossible to even know what is lies and what is truth anymore. The propaganda machine rivals that of the Soviet Union. It is just a matter of coming up with a story fantastical enough for a good portion of Americans to get behind whatever the next military action is that they have planned. WMDs were just the one everyone thinks of - there are hundreds of stories planted in the press and I can think of quite a few that just evaporated once these wars started (what happened to all the supposed doubles that Sadaam supposedly had?)How will we ever know if Iran is really developing nukes, when our source of information are the entities who would profit from another war?
Never the less, our country is the greatest that has ever existed, and it is not the government or the military industrial complex that defines us. It is our wonderful, generous people, it is our beautiful mountains and deserts, our optomism.
I can not think of anything good or bad that has occurred in my life that I can thank the government for, other than allowing my family to immigrate here in 1970 - and I will always be full of gratitude for that. Every decision has been mine. As the last lines of the poem 'Invictus' go - 'I am the master of my fate - the captain of my ship'
So, my goal for the next decade or two that I have left on earth is to take as much control of my life as this every more restricting government will allow, and believe me, every day of the year lawmakers are coming up with new and harsher restrictions on freedom. The threat to liberty is not some primitive illiterates living in some desert someplace, it is the manufactured phonies we send to Washington.
So, God Bless America, because, Wade our generation is the last to know what the real America was.

Happy 4th to you down there in Mexico. I hope you treat yourself to a hamburguessa and perro caliente.


Here's another song that never fails to bring a lump to my throat.

Unknown said...

This was an awesome and moving post.

Thank you for the courage to speak your mind.

Here in Texas, I'm applauding your opinion.

The previous commenter was correct when he wrote, "The threat to liberty is not some primitive illiterates living in some desert someplace, it is the manufactured phonies we send to Washington."

That's as honest as it can get.