Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Animal Transportation 1946

Does anyone from across the wet bit know anything about this show in 1946?  Was it an Italian circus?   Thank God for regulations!!!!!  "Cost of" is an important consideration for any business, but real wrong when it is the only, most important consideration in the animal business.


John Herriott said...

Razzore was a prominent circus in Cuba for many years. I recall hearing that on a ship that sunk were the animals from Razzore. Maybe some historian could elaborate on that. It seems in 40 50s the two big circuses in Cuba were Razzore and Santos Artigas. johnny

Anonymous said...

Jose Fernandez, the manager, was my grandfather. His brother, Eloy Fernandez Navamuel, was a famous aviator in the Spanish Moroccan conflict and the Civil War - he may have been consulted on this adventure since he transported animals by air during the former conflict (oddly enough, though an aviator he was ties to the Spanish cavalry). According to the St Petersburg Times in which this appeared (Dec. 15, 1946) this was likely the first circus to go by air.