Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nut's To A Tent Show. I'll Take Madison Square Garden Any Day Of The Week!!!!!!

Until I came to Mexico, I had spent all of 9 miserable months on a tent show in 35 years.  People used to always tell me, "you missed a lot by not being on a tented circus.  You don't get the feel of "real circus" unless it is in a tent."   That is not true, and folk's that told me that are full of shit.  We are currently on a God awful lot.  Slopes, ravines, tires planted in the ground of what used to be a go cart track.  Looking for any excuse not to practice the men informed me yesterday that it was impossible to line the cage wagons up because of the "hill" in the middle of the tent.   I immediately went to  "def com 3" and did one of my "things", as Ramon refers to my executive decision making process,  :)  I told them to never tell me something was impossible and to bring me some of the planks of wood laying all over the lot.

My main man Ramon, in the middle,  who told the rest of the crew to "stay out of Gringos way when he get's loco, and just let him do what he wants.  He has done this a long time."  One the left is Tepic(I call him Tepic, because he looks like a Tepic Indian) and on the right Yosa.

There, now don't tell me something is impossible.

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