Monday, June 4, 2012

Morgan Berry Elephants

Elephant 36'' high bought by Morgan Berry of Seattle, Photographed in Thailand.  Year unknown

Morgan Berry and elephant he purchased in Thailand being loaded in his car.  1952

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jrey said...

My family knew Morgan Berry in the 1950s when my father (Ed Johnson) was zoo director at Woodland Park Zoo. I have a picture of me (age two) holding Mr. Berry's hand while a load of neighborhood kids gathered around a baby elephant that he had brought to our house in the back of his car. I am currently working on publishing a book on the history of Woodland Park Zoo and we'd like to include the picture posted on CircusNoSpin on Monday,June 4, 2012 of Morgan Berry putting a baby elephant in a car. It would be used along with my family picture in the book. Please contact me to discuss if we can have permission to use this photo. Thank you.