Friday, June 15, 2012

Mary, Sue, and Ruth Clyde Bros. Circus

1958.  Does anyone know the "broad" sitting in the trunk?

 1962.  Who is Gina Williams?

Although this picture is dated 1966, Shrine Circus programs are a notorious piece of junk which usually have wrong pictures and/or acts listed, the elephant's don't look much bigger then in the 1962 pictures.  Also the "broad" look's like Gina Williams who styled the act in 1962 with Rex Williams.  Is that Rex Williams in the white jacket?  Sure doesn't look like him.    1966 Shrine Programs list Eddie Aiken and/or Lee Keener as trainers?

Lou Regan, my mentor in 1970 unloading Mary on the left and Sue coming out of the truck.  Ruth from the original act, who died had been replaced by Marge/Margie whom I assume is still in the truck.

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John Herriott said...

Gina [called that by Rex] was Antonette Rizzi, sis ter of famed rider Cucciola. She married Harry Dubsky and the divorced and she is now married retired showman Ray MacMahon for a number of years She had a great uncaged leopard act and was asst. to Wally Naighton on Howard Suesz Clyde Bros. She is agreat allaround talented circus performer She was on the Ed Sullivan show with Rex and the Suesz elephants in a great Rex routine doing some great :mounts"johnny.