Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Magicians That Are The Circus World Museum Restoration Staff

Number ten is more reconditioned carvings in primer.

 Photo eleven shows more carvings. This is a good shot of just how many seperate pieces go to gether to makw what appears to be one carving on the wagon. These are applied by screwing them on from the inside of the wagon so there are no visible screw heads.

 Photo twelve shows the completed wagon at Milwaukee. Note the new skyboards and mudboards (all historically correct) just as it was on the Sparks Circus.

Photo thirteen is the front.

Photo fourteen is the rear of the completed project.
Anyway, that's pretty much how most of the wagons were restored at CWM. Some projects were a little more intense than others but the process is always the same. Strip off the paint, get rid of the rot, square it up, and rebuild it.
Hope you enjoy the pix.
     I thank you so much for sharing these fabulous photo's of the intense, wonderful work carried out at Baraboo to give the world a look at the majesty that was the American Circus.  I am grateful you have permitted me the opportunity to experience the restoration of one of these fabulous creations.   So grateful in fact, that for the moment I am going to "call off the dogs" on that Hippo Tab deal.  :)

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