Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For "Manual "Junior" Ruffin fan" Who Thinks He May Want To Start A Circus Collection


    Here are some pictures of my model wagons, and as you can tell I am a wagon nut ! The red & white wagon is the Sparks Dolphin Tab and the white with silver carvings is the Sea Serpent Tab. The models in the pictures are built in O scale and are only the ones I have displayed now. I have a complete 35 car rail circus from the 30`s era with about 60  wagons & trucks modeled from different circuses. I also have all the tents, but do not have it all set up at this time because of lack of room.
                                                           Hal Guyon

Manuel Junior Ruffian Fan,
When you were asking the folks on the "history channel" about starting a circus collection, and Ole Whitey suggested you might eventually have to add a room to your house, just to have some place to keep it, he wasn't lying.  

Wade Burck

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