Friday, June 1, 2012

Circus Wagon History

Is this wagon gone, or has it been given "a coat of different color's", doctored and rehashed to many times, as to be unrecognizable?


Bob Cline said...


If I remember correctly, this was lost in the Rochester fire in the winter of 1940/1941. The America was then transformed from a tableau to a calliope.


Hal Guyon said...

Right Bob, this one did burn in the fire.

FLINT said...

This Cole Bros. steam calliope was built by the Cole show in winterquarters. The carvings came from 3 different wagons. The skyboards are from a Christy (Tom Tucker built) cage wagon. And then there are some carvings from the Sullivan & Eagle built steamer that was on both Cole and the 1938 Robbins outfit. As both Hal & Bob already pointed out, this wagon was among those that got smoked in the Feb. 20, 1940 winterquarters fire.

As a side note- Feb. 20, 1976 was the date I got married the first time. I should have known that it would "end in flames"!

Wade G. Burck said...

I think you helped address what is often confusing to me, the reuse of carvings. The skyboards were familiar, which is why I wondered if it was still around, as I have seen them before on other wagons. Then I wonder, were there 3 or 4 in a "matching" series. I have to admit, myself being a stickler for detail and craftsmanship, the "reuse" of carvings take a bit of wonder out of some of these old wagons for me. They are not quite like the queens coronation coach to me any more.
My oldest son Adam was born a month after you were married the first time. I've been "burnt" a few time also. :)