Sunday, June 3, 2012

African Elephants Arrive in Mexico

'Translated as best I could:'

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, in June. 2, 2012. - After five months of negotiations and more than 40 hour flight, arrived Friday at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) nine elephants were being slaughtered in Namibia, Africa.In order to preserve this endangered species, the African Safari company undertook a series of negotiations between governments in order to avoid killing animals, and thus offer a place to live.The company's CEO, Frank Carlos Camacho, said that after five months they managed to combine the will to make the move to Mexico where they will be given a space for them to grow and reproduce in the conservation park located in wildlife the state of Puebla.He explained that elephants in Namibia, are threatened because they are illegally hunted for ivory, a material prized in Asian markets and Europe, besides being caught legally by people who pay thousands of dollars.However, the employer said that the biggest problem faced by these animals is the loss of habitat, as man increasingly invades the areas where they live, moving them to small reservations.In this regard, Frank Carlos Camacho noted that in Namibia there is limited scope for a number of elephants, but when playing and increases the population, left over threatening the lives of those in the area because they consume more food .Therefore, the government has allowed the legal hunting of birth control, however, kill entire families in order to save the rest or the best move you to another place, 'but unfortunately there is sufficient habitat to accommodate them, "he said.He said that these animals, between four and nine years old, were destined to be killed on 13 February, but were rescued by people living near the reserves.African Safari President thanked the collaboration of cargo companies MasAir and Lan Cargo, which made possible the transfer to absorb part of the cost of flights between Africa, Chile and Mexico.In this regard, Luis Sierra, MasAir CEO, said that transport of this weight and miles would be worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, but to support the cause of a plane diverted its regular route and instead devote it exclusively brought more cargo, which helped reduce the price.

'If folks recall, African Safari was where the Dallas Zoo wanted to transfer their elephant last year, but animal activist's shut the move down, because African Safari was deemed "unsuitable."   Now 9 have arrived from Africa.  Go figure.   I suggest zoo's, like Toronto, that are having relocation issues from the animal activist's should threaten to shoot their elephant's............... '

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