Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tom Mix

 I had a pair of these "Tom Mix Double Roweled" spur's made last month for myself out of Sterling silver complete with jingle-bobs and gold filigreed WB initials.  I picked them up today and they are stunning.  I am real proud of them, and I hope the boy's don't fight over them someday, when they find out their inheritance was blown in one shot on a pair of hand made fancy spurs.  :)  

Tom Mix, cowboy hero of the screen, as he learns to walk all over again, after being incapacitated eight weeks with a broken leg. With him is his wife, the former Mabel Ward, a star of the circus, who was with him in Alva, Okla., when a horse kicked him. 

Note the left boot split open, most likely to accommodate a cast.  When I hear the bravado "I am so good, I have never been hurt" it means they haven't done much, and they haven't done much for very long.   Push the envelope, and you will auger in now and again.


Jim Zajicek said...

Can I lay claim to Snakeskins???..

Wade G. Burck said...

Knowing you, I would have to check and make sure they were not 40.00 imitations. I could see your bow ties becoming valuable collector items in the future. I would like to buy one now on the "cheap" in case Adam doesn't like the spurs.