Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Zoo Elephants 1959

President Eisenhower gets acquainted with Dzimbo, baby elephant sent as a gift from the French Community of African Republics.  J. Lear Grimmer, associate director of the Washington Zoo, center, accompanied the new arrival to the White House.


Ryan Easley said...

Fantastic! Wade, your posts today are most compelling. Nearly a year ago today, I wrote an article regarding Dzimbo's gift to Eisenhower, history at the National Zoo and his later death at Lion Country Safari. At the time, I was not able to acquire any pictures of the African male. I will add the photograph you have found to Dzimbo's story.

In addition, I just learned that five days after my original post, wrote an article about presidential presents from foreign nationals. The author discusses how living creatures are outside the mandate of retaining these gifts by curators of the National Archives, telling a short story about Dzimbo and referencing ShowMe Elephants' article about the "untimely end in 1976" of Dzimbo!

Thank you for supporting this kid's enthusiasm for knowledge and history.

Ryan Easley said...

I forgot to post the link in case anyone is interested:

Wade G. Burck said...

What's to thank? My enthusiasm for knowledge and history knows no bounds. I am grateful you keep up. The history of animals as "presidential presents" is quite a colorful and interesting one, indeed.