Thursday, May 31, 2012

Madame Col. Dianne Olds Rossi and Fire Magic(Chewy), the Red Fresian

This photo defines the terms "in the groove" and  "locked in," the moment of perfection when the truly skilled become a Centaur.

"Riding forward is the essence of correct training.  Just as the sculptor at first chisels the future outlines of his work of art with powerful blows out of the crude block of stone, and then lets it develop in increasingly finer detail in all its beauty, the aids of the rider must also become more and more delicate in the course of the horse's education. Every rider should always keep this strictly in mind and especially avoid destroying with crude aids, out of impatience or other reasons, what he has built in his previous work."    Colonel Alois Podhajsky  Director of The Spanish Riding School  1965

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