Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ghost Aquarium--Avalon Aquarium Catalina Island, Calif.

1905  The aquarium is housed in a low, rectangular building in the foreground at center.

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Greg May said...

KING OF AQUARIA says: "For anyone who would like to become a curator for an aquarium or oceanarium just read the chapter 'Marineland of the Pacific' in the late Kenneth Norris' book, 'The Porpoise Watcher'. You will want to change careers. Norris describes how they rented the long closed-down Avalon aquarium at 'an exorbitant rate' to house the fish for display at Marineland since the construction superintendent informed him the tanks would have water three days before opening day! The Avalon aquarium consisted of a 25,000-gallon boiler with windows 'framed in her side'. The da Vincian-looking tank shared the same line with the Avalon fire department. One day a fireman poured chlorine in the system to clean out the line and all of the fish in the aquarium turned belly-up and died!"