Saturday, May 19, 2012

ESPN's Next "Wonder Boy" is On Air Live Now

My youngest son Taylor, who is currently serving an internship at WSFA 12 Montgomery Alabama is doing to play by play of the 5A and 6A Baseball Championships at Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery.  He is also scoring with the babes right out of the gate.  I told him show business was all right.  He is learning early on the awesome responsibility of being a Burck male.  :)  Actually the pretty lady is Danielle Percival, his fellow co-anchor for the games, and what a fabulous job she does.

Anyone who loves baseball and would care to tune in here is the link.  I am currently watching it in central Mexico.

The 6A game below starts at 5:00 Eastern


Greg May said...

Congratulations, Taylor Burck on your career in television! I spent thirteen years in the industry and had the time of my life. I began my career working for a cable television system in Orlando (now owned by Brighthouse) and was the first technician to push the button bringing Madison Square Garden Sports (later ESPN) to our subscribers. On Thursday nights a lady who lived outside Orlando and didn't have cable would drive to the control center and I would let her sit in the control room with me to watch her husband while he was on the road commentating for the Kansas City Royals. It was at Cablevision that I began my TV show, 'Central Florida Spotlight' where I would interview celebrities visiting Orlando. At the time, Orlando was being touted as the 'new Hollywood' and since I always wanted to be famous I figured the best way to get famous was to be seen with famous people. The technology has changed a bit since I was in TV. I encourage you in your career and since you are a Son of Burck you can only count on success!

dpowhitetiger said...

Son of Burck - How about your next stop make it Minor League Baseball..We have and excellent set-up right here in Altoona AA Eastern League...Presently the ERIE Detroit Tigers are in town..The Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, Twins, Jays and so on our in the AA Eastern League. Keep our League on your short list...

Wade G. Burck said...

The Twins might just be the "Ace that seals the deal" if I am allowed any input. Taylor has been nuts for the "technical" side of sports since he was 6 years old. Just rabid crazy for records. Who hit the most, who threw the longest touch down pass, who scored the most hat tricks, etc. etc. I used to buy him telephone book size Record books of various sports teams and leagues and he would spend hours with his head buried in them. We used to push all the furniture against the wall in the living room and set up hockey nets and play hockey, presto the duck pond. Take them down and set up basketball nets, presto MSG. Nurf football, bam Soldier Field. Whiffle ball, bang Ebbets Field. Four bars stools with cloths line rope around them, wham Summer Slam. Everything had to be done exactly like the rule book said. His mother would come to big him up and chastise me say, "I wish you wouldn't move all you furniture so he can play hockey, baseball or football in you living room. Then he come's home and get's angry when I won't let him do the same thing." She didn't understand son's are different to fathers. He is pursuing a dream, God Bless America. I am blessed with three wonderful sons, probably more blessed then I deserve.


Wade G. Burck said...

From Taylor Burck:

Well thank you so much Dad! :) No i had not seen it yet! But I do thank you and everyone else for the kind words they put in the blog. Thank you pops! It means alot.