Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Hope This Beloved Building Can Be Saved 1968

Wonderful old picture of the Venice Arena as it show's the chain link outdoor cage, which became a Pelican cage on Venice Beach at the Pelican Man's Sanctuary when Ringling left Venice, as well as Charly Baumann's "beast wagon's" and the ring barn on the other end.   Alligator pools were built where the old arena used to stand.   Does anyone know what the flag on the roof, with the red X was for, or what it signified?  When a second unit was added the animal tent for animals was set up between the ring barn and the maintenance shop on the left.  The elephant/horse barn is the long white building on the right which the new show's used, while the returning show used the tent.  Those were the day's,  44 elephants in quarters at the same time,  GGW's tigers, Charly's tigers, Wolfgang's lions, Ursula's polar bears.  It's pretty hard to get excited about anything today.  Year's later a wooden fence was constructed between the arena and dirt road(anyone know what that dirt road is called today?) to isolate going's on when the show was in.  When I was there in 1991 rehearsing GGW's tiger act two fender bender's occurred during practice when I would put Prince on the mirrored ball.  Imagine driving down the road and all of a sudden a tiger appears sitting up on the horizon.   The Venice Police came down and requested that I not practice during morning and evening rush hour.  :)

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