Saturday, April 21, 2012

Riga Zoo 1996

Radža and his daughter, Zuzanna(Zuze)  A lot of spikes of varying type's used in this exhibit at Riga.  I should think that if you were "shoved/knocked" against those spikes a broken tusk would be the least of your worries.

Radza at Emmen 2011

Somebody explain human nature/perception to me, please?  Watch at :10 when the elephant get's kicked, and when it doesn't move, shoved with a tusk, for some reason it is funny to a human.   Yet if an elephant handler had whacked that elephant on the thigh with a fiberglass/wooden bull hook, and getting no response, had prodded it with the bull hook/spur, it would have been deemed cruel/inhumane and effort's would be made to seize/confiscate the animal.  Do they really think a human can inflict more discomfort with a bull hook, then the elephant did with her foot and tusk............Somebody explain human nature/perception to me, please?  Look at the marks on the receiving elephants hip's.  It look's like she hasn't gotten the message many time's and has needed to be "convinced."  Just my opinion, but Emmen has way to many animal's for the size of the exhibit, herd situation or not. 


Anonymous said...

Wade, Did any of your friends tell you that Toronto Zoo has lost its AZA accreditation because it moved its last three elephants to a sanctuary? Sincerely Paul

Anonymous said...

Wade, Can I e-mail you the photographs from the brochure of Princess the white tigress (Mohini's half sister) and other animals at the old Crandon Park Zoo? I already tried so maybe you got them. You have to click on the bottom to see the pictures inside the brochure. My link still works even though the item was sold. Sincerely Paul PS: Tito tried to get white tigers from New Delhi Zoo for Belgrade Zoo back in the day. He was refused. I'm pretty sure that Tito was also a big game hunter, like Ralph S. Scott, and had a private zoo in Yugoslavia. I remember seeing a photograph of Tito's house and he had tiger skins. Sincerely Paul

Wade G. Burck said...

What? Toronto lost it's accreditation because it moved it's elephants to a sanctuary??? Zoo have received accreditation after getting rid of their elephants kept in a poor facility, that they didn't have fund's to update, but to lose accreditation, because you have relocated elephants is unheard of. Was it something else? If not, what the hell is going on in Toronto? Aren't you watching thing's up there? If you can't do the job, just say so, and we will ship you back to the Colonies, and get someone on the job up there, who can do the job.
Resend the pictures of Princess. The brochure you sent would not download.