Sunday, October 16, 2011

Struppi Hanneford--Princess Tajana

From Pete Rosa:

I was with STRUPPI HANNEFORD today. She asked me to notify everyone that a car veered off U. S. 41 TAMIAMI TRAIL headed south towards Venice, FL. The car crossed over the median, continued across the large field and crashed through the back two Florida Rooms of the house and caught fire. The two back rooms are completely destroyed. With the exception of a few pieces, all of the CIRCUS MEMORABALIA and contents of the two rooms were destroyed. The main part of the home is OK except for smoke.
If you have any quality photos of Struppi, Tommy, Kay, Nellie or vintage photos of the riding Hannefords, Struppi would appreciate it if you would help to rebuild the HANNEFORD COLLECTION. In addition Struppi would appreciate it if anyone has quality video of her TAJANA aerial and cat acts. Struppi would also like to have a video of her 80th birthday held at the BIG E. She told us that it was one of the best days of her life.
All photos can be sent to Peter Rosa at or you can post to your facebook page. If you post to your FB page, please notify Peter that you have posted them and please put them in an album titled HANNEFORD. I will go to your photo area and copy from there. My facebook page can be found listed under PETER ROSA.
I will take all of the photos received and put them on a flash drive or print out the ones that are extremely noteworthy. I would like not to bog down Buckles Blog with all of these photos, unless Buckles states otherwise . Please limit all replies to quality photos.
IMPORTANT: If you have photos of the back room, please send immediately via my email address so Struppi can piece together all of the destroyed items for the insurance adjuster who is due to arrive on Monday, October 17th.
Videos and hard copies of photos may be sent to:
Peter Rosa
P.O. Box 1026
Osprey, FL 34229
Thank you in advance for your help.
Pete Rosa

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