Thursday, October 27, 2011

Roy Roger's The King of The Cowboy's and Trigger

Trigger Jr. was the go to trick horse, identified by 4 whites.



A big chunk of my childhood went down the day Trigger died.

Before we politically correct ourselves right out of existence, a lot about the "good old day's" wasn't so wrong.


johnny said...

What a treat. Thanks Wade for your segment on the cowboys. Wonderful roll models. I have enjoyed them since nickol double feature in home town movie theatre. They sure had an impack on our lives. It seems youth of today do not have these people to influence their lives. All we see are murswer, immoral lifestyle and foul language. I am certainly not a prude, but I feel that these people gave us clean wholsome entertainment and the bad guys always lost. I still love to watch the cowboy movies on AMC and those hands in those days sure could do some great stuff. Too bad kids today don't have a Gene, Roy, Hoppy, Gabby, Frog or others. It was great.

Wade G. Burck said...

They had an impact that lasted a life time for me. Very few today have that kind of influence over today's youth. Most of their influences are the here today, gone tomorrow singer's. The message they leave is doubtful, at best.
Do you know who Autry's trainer was? In the clip of Champion flying to New York, we see him in rust colored riding jodhpurs and a big old ten gallon standing by the horse trailer, then again with a whip coaxing Champ into the plane. I noted Gene wearing his spur's. Do you supposed he intended to school Champ, just before they landed.:)


Casey Gibbs said...

Growing up with my brother Bobby it was always a big debate over who was the real king of the cowboys back in those days. Bobby was a Hoppy fan ,my sister Patt a Gene fan and my self a Roy fan. We were only allowed one movie a week so it was always a battle as to which one we would go too. We always had to go to gather so that was the problem.Thanks Wade for sharing these pictures with us.