Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For John Milton Herriott

Ted Flowers, Maker. John Milton, pretend like this isn't a parade saddle and just look at the German Silver horse heads. What do you mean, if you have seen one parade saddle, you have seen them all? If you have seen one Charles Russell painting, does that mean you have seen them all?

Austin "Slim" Green, Maker

John Wayne Commemorative Saddle. Casey Jordan, Maker

Full stamped Butch Cassidy slick fork with canteen. Jim Wagner, Maker

John Milton, why are you busting my chops? Buckles runs an "old timey film festival" and you sit on your hands, and don't say squat. How about some people with animals, old and new and no more parade saddle's all in one? :) I was worried about you when I heard you hadn't made the yacht it deal. I hope all is well, ole hoss.

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