Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pablo Escobar's Hippo's

These are fascinating accounts of the hippo herd left to make do on its own as the jungle reclaimed the late drug lord Pablo Escobar's once fabulous estate in Columbia - -his Xanadu. The number varies but there now seem to be over 20 animals. They are doing well and breeding. Columbia offers a nearly perfect environment for them.
The "animal protectors" need to relax and get over themselves. These hip's are a non native species, un endangered even in their native lands, with no business in Colombia with the exception of an accredited zoological facility. Whack them fast, and whack them hard. Money's can be better spent elsewhere.
Speaking of "far out in the left field of the universe" an "acquaintance" of mine has been aghast at the moneys spent on fighting the drug problems of the world, and feel's chasing the "Pablo's" into hell is wrong. She thinks the money would be better spent setting up drug rehab clinic's free of charge to "aid" the unfortunate's whom support and make possible a drug industry, the user. Considering she was heavily into drugs a number of years ago, and lost a family member due to drug related issue's that solution may make sense to her. But like any other far left winger she just doesn't under stand that it is not her world, and it is not obligated to do what is best for her. As far as my thinking goes, the last video has so far proven to be the better solution.

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