Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For Radar--Jumbo and Protea National Zoo, Santiago Chile

On Showmeelephants, Radar ponders who was responsible for listing the African Elephants on the Santiago Zoo's official web site as Order Artiodactyla and Family Hippopotamidae, rather than Order Proboscidea and Family Elephantidea. I am not sure but probably the same person who decided that "mint" was a more natural color for the horrid elephant building then the mud brown color(they need to dump a pile of rubble on top of it, ala Brookfield.) Probably also the same person who said, "let's try to think of a new, never before used elephant name this time. I know, how about Jumbo?"


Ryan Easley said...

I do not know if she was named prior to or following arrival, but "Protea" is the National Flower of South Africa.

Wade G. Burck said...

You know it had to be prior to arrival, if "Jumbo" was the best they could come up with for the male. LOL Protea is actually a nice name.