Saturday, April 23, 2011

Water For Elephants 1930's Depression Era Circus Expert

As a lot of folks seem to be interested in the Water For Elephants " Circus Expert". Apparently it is a lot like being a "Captive Elephant Expert" for an animal rights organization because in his IMDb bio

"Seb" is listed as Miscellaneous Crew(I think that is "Seb" on the bottom in the photo above, at an MTV deal, but I'm not sure. Who knows he may wear a pink heart on his tit?). Now the wheelbarrow of crap called Water For Elephants makes sense. Paralleled to a military brigade, "Seb" as Miscellaneous Crew would be the bugle boy or the standard bearer. But not much of an expert on anything, other then horn's and flags, and possibly how many sugar's each officer uses in their coffee.

"Full cast and crew for 'Water for Elephants' (2011)"

Oddly there didn't seem to even be a legitimate "Technical Director/Adviser" on the set, or it is not customary to list them as part of the crew. I really don't know. How about it Anonymous Two? Are you just another pretty face or do I suspect you know more about Hollywood practices then just about anyone in the circus. Are "Technical Directors/Advisers" listed or not? Sometimes, never?

It's a shame, because on a dink budget of 40 million dollar's if the advisory services of Richard Reynolds and Dick Flint, with Ole Whitey as assistant and for chuckles had been retained, it would have been the best money spent, and maybe at least made the movie something of value. Shoot, anybody who was around Ben Davenport and his criminal activities would have been better suited to advise then the Tippy Toe's from the land of "0" that they somehow got suckered in to believing knew what he was doing. It's ironic, but I guess appropriate. There's one born every minute, or so I have heard.

Excerpt from a private email:

"I am still not sure what I think of the movie. I have a lot of mixed feelings. I guess I am bothered by another bad portrayal of circus life."

The general consensus the past few months based on correspondence with folks is that they were sitting on pins and needles waiting to see if Hollywood was going to jam another you know what, up the circus's you know what, or would they finally do a legitimate story on circus life. Well folks, the good new's is, the wait is over and now you know. The bad new's is the animal rights organization's may start wiggling that you know what, that WFE just jammed up the circus's you know what. To borrow a brilliant quote from Showbiz Dave:(see link in Relevant Stops on the right)

"Circus movies that aim for high or low drama tread a difficult path, largely because "circus" action is itself not violent or brooding, but in fact the very opposite. Something like trying to turn Bambi into The Silence of Bambi.

Historical content of scenes -- side show banner lines (tops), wagons from Baraboo, flats and tents, all look marvelous. Stylized interior big top scenes of performers at work are a mixed bag. But then again, this is not really a circus movie-- unless you wish to view it principally as a veiled indictment of animal cruelty under a sadistic big top."

After a long list of junk from the movie industries around the world, I firmly believe the Miguel Vasquez story will be the one that redeems the wonderful, mysterious world of circus, and show's the outside world finally, what it really, and truly is. Extraordinary folks accomplishing extraordinary things. To them, nothing more then ordinary life, working 9 to 5.


Anonymous said...

Hollywood is full of BS artists!

Anonymous said...

Pink is the women(supposedly) on the top. Your circus authority is the man(allegedly)on the bottom. I understand the movie company was concerned about infiltration from peta. I gotta ask, how concerned?

She even know's how to grovel and flip when it looks like it is going to hurt her bank account.

Anonymous said...

Do you think cop shows are accurate? How about westerns? Or war movies? Of course they're not. The reality of most businesses is pretty mundane. Cops have shaken their heads at the portrayal of their work and kept on going. There hasn't been a circus movie yet which is anything like accurate. Everyone seems to love GSOE without a murmer of complaint about scenes like the one with all performers bouncing on trampolines and hanging out in wardrobe all day. Who was the consultant for THAT?
Chances are that WFE will fade into nothingness like 99% of what Hollywood produces.