Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unknown Zoo

A couple of weeks ago I posted this photo above as "Unknown Zoo". I found the first photo above a few day's ago, which is the Rotterdam Zoo in 1920 and noting the angle the wood was placed on the outside wall and thought "Unknown Zoo" may be Rotterdam. But, the cornice over the door's and window's is very intriguing(give me a break, we all have our "thing") to me, and I supposed it was an "oriental thematic element/motif." I have noted this description of the original elephant house at the Hague Zoo on the site linked previously, which was torn down, and it sounds "similar" to the second picture above:

The first elephants came to The Hague very soon after it opened. A print of 1865 shows us a small elephanthouse. It was a timbered house with a small pen for the elephants. In those days the elephants were used for rides, so the small pen was no problem; the whole zoo was their outside enclosure. Later this building was replaced by an oriental style housing, like the rest of the zoo buildings.

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