Saturday, April 16, 2011

Llama, Guanaco, or Cross?

Although these are members of the Karem Shrine Temple from Waco, Texas posing on this cart, if you note the Gil Grey Circus paper behind them, you may assume that these are animals from the circus. I don't see where a bit would be necessary for Llama's, and I would think a side-pull would be sufficient for direction.


john herriott said...

These are two guanacuos that I had in the camel act on Gil Gray. Not the driving lines and yes they were driven and not led in spec. That was a fine harness pony buggy that Gil had spruced up with red leatherett. Gil went on a float building spree in the shop and I trained all animals to pull in spec. Ponies, elephants, etc. The qrters. was limited in wlkaround space and I utilized St. Augustine Dr. in front of qrters. If you were ever at your in-laws Duke home in that area you would be familiar with it. Note the nice harness. I had a nice six up on the calliope that I had Lou Regan drive. It was a labor of love as I have always liked hitches since my dag broke our liberty ponies to drive and we made parades all over Minn. including the Minneapolis Aquatennial led by Gene Autry in 1939. Sincerely Johnny

Wade G. Burck said...

Yes I am familiar with St. Augustine Dr., but as I haven't been there since 1975, I assume it has changed much. It is indeed a beautiful set of harness, and you had a hell of a hand assisting you with Lou Regan. A "bit of trivia" for folks who don't know, my son Adam Regan Burck was named after Lou Regan, who gave me my start in the wondrous world of animal training. North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin. What incredible place's to live and grow up in, right Col.? How many of those 10,000 lakes did you swim in?