Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ken Jenson Circus--Available for Purchase

Gary Robinson and Allen Hill Sr. 1961 John Cline's stock in the background.


Casey said...

How i wish Prof Gibbs was still with us. I am sure he would have a great story to tell you about his discovery of the very rare Siberian Zebra. Once he did mention to me that he found the 1st one at the Wall Drugs Hair Dept in Wall S.D.

Wade G. Burck said...

I think you misunderstood. In Prof. Dr. Gibb's ground breaking book, "Jesus, I'm Freezing My Freaking Nut's Off Here!!!!" detailing his Siberian expedition in search of the Siberian Zebra he says, and I quote "while gathering provisions for the Siberian expedition at Wall Drugs in Wall S.D., well known for their Bar-b-Que Buffalo Jerky and Gold in Them Thar Hills Carmel Corn, I first heard that the Siberian Zebra may actually spend time in South Dakota on their migratory return from wintering in Cut and Shoot Texas, when an old prospector mentioned seeing them in the past eating the wall mosaic's at the Corn Palace, in Mitchell South Dakota, later grazing the International Peace Gardens near Winnipeg Canada, before their final push back to their summer home near Lake Baikal."