Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jelly's Hoskins' American Dream--Lancer tv Series

Was Poncho one of Fess Reynolds Brahma? A lot of folks never saw or know of the incredible liberty act that Fess trained with Brahma bulls back in the early-mid 70's. Fess Reynolds was a heck of a trainer, one of those "Coast Trainers" who specialized in movie animals, with a dappling of circus work. Fess was the father of Sled Reynolds, who is also a great trainer, was the animal coordinator for the movie Water For Elephants. His brother Jug, also has a long list of animal movie credits. His brother Richie worked for Hawthorn for a time in 1976. Hawthorn used to hire Sled to maintain and trim their elephants feet, when we wintered in Commerce, Calif. at the Great Western Exhibition Center.

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Toby Styles said...

I believe he was owned and trained by Danny Dent.
Toby Styles

Wade G. Burck said...

Good to hear from you. I have not heard of Danny Dent. Was he a "Coast Trainer?" Do you have any more information about him?

Toby Styles said...

I only knew him from Gene Holters place....I think he was from Texas. I will ask Mr Vergis for more info.


I clowned and fought bulls at a couple of California rodeos that Fess and his beautiful Brahma liberty act performed at.

It was 1966 or 1967 and Fess really knew Brahmas and was a very nice guy!

Anonymous said...

Pancho was owned by Danny Dent. Danny acquired Pancho or "Whitey" as we knew him, in Florida when the bull was a calf. Danny did purchase two bulls from Fess, Frosty and Zane.