Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Circus Corp. Peru, Ind.--M. D. McCarter--Available for Purchase

I have patiently waited for Jim Alexander to produce a photo of his boy Jules Jacot with a large group of animals, but he had issues with Sycamore lumens in a zoo arena, which apparently are non-existent in a circus arena. Growing weary of alibi's, I have taken it upon myself to do Jim's work for him. Impressive looking group of male lions, and the military uniform is intriguing. What's the story on that, Jim? This doesn't look like a show, instead more like a photo shoot or a training session? Surely Jules didn't just stop in on leave to take a picture?

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Jim A. said...

Jules was with Corp. shows in the early 1930s. Thankfully for historians, the sycamores would have been meer saplings.