Thursday, August 6, 2009

Herr Seeth

The real photograph cigarette card, above, was issued in England by Ogden’s in one of their Guinea Gold series about 1900. The subject is the internationally celebrated lion tamer, Herr Seeth.

What is virtually the foremost animal show of the world is given by Mr. Seeth’s forest-bred lions. Seeth himself, who can command the handsome salary of £150 a week, is seen in the accompanying curious photo. [above] with a full-grown lion on his shoulders. One of the most curious items in the show is a big "merry-go-round" [below] manned by lions, and pulled round by a pretty little pony. Each lion squats grumpily in a miniature sailing ship, and protests from time to time at the futility of the whole business. Mr. Seeth also drives his lions (which are really magnificent brutes) in a specially built chariot; and as he himself is attired as a Greek hero, the ensemble makes a very striking picture. Seeth is a powerful and fearless man, both of these qualities being evidenced by our photograph.’
(from William G. FitzGerald, ‘Side-Shows. V,’ The Strand Magazine, London, July 1897

Herr Seeth’s lions at Norwich Circus, March 1897

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